Venus Bay township

The township of Venus Bay has a relatively short history. In the early 1960s the land on which the estates now reside was donated to the Alfred Hospital. In the following years the three estates were developed and houses slowly appeared. From the mid 1980s the rate of development increased to the current position where houses have been built on around 1600 of the 2400 blocks. 

The estates are separated by buffer zones of vegetated crown land. The property 'Evergreen' being situated between the 1st and 2nd estates on the inlet side of Lees Road and the Cape Liptrap State Reserve on the bay side.

The coast

One of the most famous shipwrecks along the coast between Point Smythe and Cape Liptrap was the 'Magnat' which came  aground on 9th March 2000. The location of the wreck of the is highlighted on the map on the side wall of the Venus Bay General Store. Not much of the ship remains today, though at low tide it is still possible to see the shape of the hull close to shore. There is no 'marker' to indicate the location of the Magnat, however it is about a 45 minute walk from Beach No. 1. Walk onto the beach and turn left towards Cape Litrap.

Locals often walk along this section of beach and should be able to guide you how far you are from the wreck. 

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