The Tarwin Lower & Venus Bay Community StratPlan 2005 was a survey of community views on the Tarwin Lower / Venus Bay area. Whilst the survey contained some questions relating to 'today', it's main focus was on the future direction for the area.

The response from the community was outstanding with a questionnaire return rate of over 45%. When considering a return rate of 20% is generally considered excellent for a large scale community survey, this clearly demonstrates the level of commitment and interest the local community has for the area.

The survey covered areas such as:

Community vision for Tarwin Lower & Venus Bay

Built environment and infrastructure

Natural environment


Human services

The StratPlan 2005 Report explains the process carried out by The Try Consulting Group. Click below to download in PDF format.

StratPlan 2005 Report

StratPlan 2005

StratPlan 2005 Questionnaire Response Sheet

The StratPlan 2005 Questionnaire Response Sheet is based on the form sent to all ratepayers in Tarwin Lower and Venus Bay. The response boxed has been populated with the percentages choosing each option. Click below to download.