The response to the draft version of the UDF is best summarised by the newspaper headlines of the day.

'Coastal draft a shambles'

'Coastal plans miss the mark'

The Star

The South Gippsland Sentinel Times

Tuesday 7th February 2006

Tuesday 7th February 2006

Beverley and Ken Walker's submission comprised of a synopsis, forty-seven pages of detail accompanied by a number of appendices. The submission has been divided into a number of PDF files which can be accessed below.

To download the submission in Adobe PDF format you require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in, or another PDF file reader. To get the plug-in visit the Adobe site by clicking on the icon to the left.




Contents page



Article I - Extension of the Borders

Article II - Indigenous Heritage

Article III - Design and Development

Article IV - The Venus Bay Wetlands Project

 UDF Response - Part 1

Article V - Wetland Conservation Incentives

Article VI - Flood Maps


UDF Response - Part 2

Article VII - Storm Surges

Article VIII - Acid Sulfate Soils

Article IX - On site Water Recycling and Sewage Disposal


UDF Response - Part 3

Article X - Competition Policy

Article XI - Population

Article XII - Flora and Fauna


Appendices (list of)


UDF Response - Part 4



Appendix I - EPA response on Peat Fire

 UDF Response - Appendix I

Appendix II - South Gippsland Planning Scheme - Strategic Framework Plan

 UDF Response - Appendix II

Appendix III - House of Representatives Question

 UDF Response - Appendix III i

 UDF Response - Appendix III ii

 UDF Response - Appendix III iii

 UDF Response - Appendix III iv Page 1

 UDF Response - Appendix III iv Page 2

Appendix IV - Chemical Report on pH

 UDF Response - Appendix IV

Appendix V - Alternative Waste Water Management

 UDF Response - Appendix V i

 UDF Response - Appendix V ii Page 1

 UDF Response - Appendix V ii Page 2

Appendix VI - Ecological  Vegetation Classes Map

 UDF Response - Appendix VI i

 UDF Response - Appendix VI ii

Appendix VII - Draft Landscape Significance Map

 UDF Response - Appendix VII

UDF - response to draft