The Association’s Major Achievements 1990 to 2015


L31 - The Association successfully campaigned against plans to expand the

Venus Bay shopping centre to around 80 shop sites.


Proposed and encouraged the development of the Venus Bay Tarwin Lower

bicycle & walking track.

1990 - 2008

For almost 20 years the Association has continued to speak against

reticulated water and sewerage in favour of good management of the water

table and the use of eco friendly waste treatment units.


Campaigned successfully against the sealing of private streets in Venus Bay.


Pressure from the Association brings about the first Tarwin Lower

Venus Bay Strategy Plan.


The Association campaigned against situating the Venus Bay Community

House in a private house with inadequate parking, resulting in the Community

Centre being developed on its present site.


The sealing of private streets in VB was revisited by the Shire Council and

again resisted by the Association and the community.


The Association developed and

conducted an updated survey of the

Tarwin Lower Venus Bay community

via StratPlan 2005.


Successfully campaigned

against a proposed 2000 house

development on ‘Evergreen’ at

Venus Bay and in partnership

withgroups in Inverloch, against

a 1500 house canal development proposed for Mahers Landing, Anderson



The Association was a major influence in the final draft of the Venus Bay

Urban Design Framework (UDF) resulting in a ‘steady as she goes’ future

growth and development plan for Venus Bay.


The establishment by the Association of website

<>, featuring information about tourism,

local business, community groups and local issues.


Working with the Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula group, the

Association has been involved in the ‘Save Our Reserves’

campaign to stop the Council from selling off our Open Spaces and

Public Reserves in Venus Bay.


The Association is represented on the Venus Bay Community Reference

Group (CRG) working with Fisheries Victoria and other Government agencies

to examine issues around pipi collection on Venus Bay beaches ans

associated access issues.


The Association receives a Shire Community Grant to install 7 seats along the

Tarwin Lower Venus Bay bike/walking track and extensive planting of

indigenous trees, shrubs and ground covers.This is an ongoing project.

2012 - 2015

The Association continued to be involved with the CRG looking into

sustainability issues around pipi harvesting and associated issues - traffic

management, toilets,


VBCC and the Friends

will continue to work on

the ‘Save Our Reserves’


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