Over the years there have been a number of issues which have galvanised the community.

Previous Shire Councils have attempted to turn Venus Bay into a sea of asphalt. Water authorities see the residents as a potential source or revenue, oblivious to the fact we are currently fully self sufficient with tank and bore water. Other authorities remain keen to push an old style sewerage onto the peninsula rather than the latest technologies which are more suited to the peninsula's sensitive environment. 

The most recent example has been the battle to prevent inappropriate development on the Venus Bay wetlands.

Click here to learn about the community's battle to save the wetlands.

Two documents which will shape the future of the peninsula are the Tarwin Lower & Venus Bay Community StratPlan 2205 and the Tarwin Lower & Venus Bay Urban Design Frameworks.

Click here to learn about StratPlan 2005.

Click here for the Urban Design Framework.


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